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International clients seeking fertility treatment at Prasad’s Infertility

International Patients

We, Prasad Infertility Solutions, are deeply committed to providing patient care to our international patients. The doctor team, the research scientists and the technical staff would be available at every stage to offer advice, treatment, and care to ensure that there is a success.
The success of the treatment can never be 100%. We engage with science and research, look for alternatives, collaborate with the couples, work with doctors and try to get the best possible result.


A practical guideline has been drafted to support international clients seeking fertility treatment at Prasad infertility Solutions. We recommend the client to take an online appointment and a suitable time to have a virtual call with our consultant.

Usually, the woman is asked to report mid-cycle or before her menses. This facilitates the Doctor to complete few important investigations. The male partner can plan a visit for a week to 10 days. This period will suffice the doctors to evaluate the male, collect labs and store the semen.
Informed consent and a detailed explanation about the procedures are perfectly conducted by our well trained and friendly staff. To facilitate effective communication and quicken the treatment plans, we have an online gateway for appointment calendar and payment options. Herein, we share an experience of a couple who arrived from Minneapolis, USA for IVF treatment at Prasad’s Infertility Solutions.

Why Prasad Infertility Solutions:

  • • We have a research lab dedicated to reproductive medicine.
  • • A genetics lab, a cryopreservation lab to ensure that the newborn is healthy.
  • • Team of experts (doctors, scientists, and embryologists) trained globally to handle complex cases.
  • • A world-class clinical facility with technology and systems of international repute.
  • • Vast experience in handling international patients.


The Indian laws govern us and all our procedures will be in full compliance with the Indian law.

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Patient Experience :

"Mr. Mehta & Mrs. Anju Mehta have been suggested to undergo IVF treatment, while they were pursuing fertility management at Minneapolis, USA. Due to the long waiting list and considerably expensive treatment they have chosen to undergo IVF treatment at Prasad’s Infertility solutions. Mr. Mehta has communicated on phone and shared reports through email. Dr. Suma Prasad has taken a virtual call with the couple and given an appointment and also a suitable travel plan. Mrs. Anju Mehta has arrived 2 weeks before her menses and completed a checklist of tests given by Dr. Suma Prasad. Mr. Mehta arrived 10 days later, his fertility parameters were revisited by the Andrologist and his semen was frozen. IVF treatment was planned and the stay for the couple was arranged in a 3-star hotel nearby at an affordable cost." The entire 2 weeks was a daycare treatment and the couple left to the USA 3 days after the final embryo transfer. Further communication was through email and video calls whenever required. Mrs. Anju Mehta was advised to perform a home pregnancy test on Day 30 of the cycle and report back to the staff at Prasad’s. Further, follow-ups were suggested at the local Maternity hospital in their state.

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